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BRINGING GREEK & CHRISTIAN TOGETHER: Inside every student; Inside every chapter

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Joe & Jane Greek
Greek InterVarsity exists to reach “Joe & Jane” Greek. “Joe and Jane” Greek are the brothers and sisters in your house that most likely will never go to another Christian group on campus, and definitely not a church off campus. Maybe “Joe or Jane” Greek is you! We exist to help these brothers and sisters learn to follow Jesus. We hope to create, in every fraternity and sorority in SoCal, a safe space for "Joe & Jane" Greek to learn about faith in Jesus.
Bringing Greek & Christian Together

Bringing Greek & Christian Together

Do you ever feel like it is hard to follow God and be Greek? Our vision is to bring Greek & Christian together.  We want to see Greeks fully living for Jesus inside the system. We believe it is possible to be Greek and really follow God. Greek InterVarsity exists to resource, and develop Greeks to become faithful followers of Jesus but TOTALLY Greek. You can be both! We are out to prove it.

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Let's bring this vision into your Greek system today! God is waiting to partner with you!

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Joe & Jane Greek need to know Jesus but no one is helping them! Find out who they are and how to reach them. Catch the Vision
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