Greek InterVarsity is a national ministry that is part of a larger organization called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. You can read more about our larger organization here.

In Southern California, we are praying and working to see ministry start inside the 26 Greek Systems that exist here. Did you know there were that many!?

We love helping Christian leaders get ministry started inside their chapter or inside the Greek system as a whole.

We love helping students from non-religious backgrounds discover who Jesus is and learn to follow him.

We love to help students that have made terrible mistakes or are dealing with pain or regret find healing from God.


3 Ways To Connect With Greek IV

  1. Come visit one of our groups – you are welcome to come to any of our Greek IV gatherings and see what we are like.
  2. Contact us about helping you start something on your campus – one of our staff would be more than willing to come buy you a cup of coffee, hear your heart, and pray with you for God to start something in your chapter or the system as a whole.
  3. Come to a conference – Greek Getaway is in the Fall and it is for leaders and emerging leaders to network across our various campuses. Greek Conference is in the winter and it is for EVERYONE on the West Coast.
Student leaders from 6 different campuses gathering to network and train at an alumni's home.


We are looking for students that want to start ministry inside their Greek system or chapter on campus. If this is you, please check out our campus page to see if we have ministry already started. If not, we would love to help you get ministry started right where you are – please email us through the contact page. A few slogans we like to use:

“we are a student led and staff coached ministry”

“every chapter connected, every Greek on friend away from Jesus”

“we create safe places to explore faith – where no experience is necessary and judgement is left at the door”


We have full time staff that work on the campuses coaching student leaders as well as mentoring those that want to grow closer to Jesus. You can learn more about the Director of ministry in Los Angeles, Beau Crosetto, here.
Greater Los Angeles staff team for 2016-17 school year.

Do You Want To Help Us?

There are four ways you can help Greek InterVarsity SoCal concretely!

  1. Pray for our movement and that we would find the student partners that want to start ministry inside all 26 Greek systems.
  2. Start a ministry right where you are! Contact us about helping you.
  3. Connect us to another campus – introduce us to Greeks in other places
  4. Invest financially into our ministry – we depend 100% on individuals and churches donations. Give here